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o write, I lapsed into rhyme (?), and Olomondo departed the proud possessor of a

poetical effusion, of which the following is a sample:— “I am chief of the Wandero

bo hunters. Olomondo is my name, Elephants I kill by the hundreds, And th

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ousands of smaller game. I am up in the morning so early, With my bow and arrows so sharp; Over rivers I glide like a fairy, Over mo

untains I fly like a lar

k.” There were a number of verses in this strain, but this specimen will suffice. Olomondo took the paper, and after wrapping

it up carefully, put it

in a skin pouch, which he tied round his neck. I may say that it must have been very good medicine, for after that Olomondo had much better luck with his hunting than before—possibly he had so mu


ch faith in its powers that he went about his hunting with greater confidence. Later on, it so happened that a Government

official got hold of this production, and it created a lot of amusement. I don’t know how it came about, but doubtless the chief met 215 the official when out hunting, and asked him for some medicine, a

t the same time showing him the paper. As I had not been heard of for about twelve months at the Government station, it was reported that I had been killed; b

ut when they saw this paper, the joke went round tha